We had a crew from the church preparing all week long and today we have a paving crew doing their work as we speak!

Thanks to all who helped this week!

Praise God for the perfect timing of the weather so far. Pray that it holds just as long as they need to finish.

Also thanks to the various people that provided goodies and appreciation gifts for the workers, coordinated by Debbie Klein and Dawn Scott. I (Jason) had the privilege of handing out brownies to the paving crew made by our very own Peggy Leighton and the looks of gratitude were heart warming.

Also, we are going to be laying down grass sod on Saturday starting at 8:00, so come on out with your boots, shovels and gloves and let’s add some beautiful green to contrast with the fresh black pavement. :)

For pictures of the action this week, more pictures are available at our flickr site: www.flickr.com/groups/973155@N25/

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