The leadership of Cedarhome sent a couple letters out this week and now we are posting them online as .pdf’s for you to download and read for yourself.  Come this Sunday, January 20th to Church at 8:30 or 11:00 to hear more.

Click on the following links to open .pdf versions of the letter.

Transition Letter from Dan Hallock

Transition Letter from Dan Olson and Mitch Klein

In addition, the text of the letters is here below:


January 14, 2012

Dear Cedarhome Baptist Church,

It is clear from Scripture that the Lord Jesus has chosen the local church body, in all its many expressions, to be the main way He impacts the world. He has given us the Holy Spirit to guide and direct His church as we worship, learn and grow together. He has also given the local church pastors who are gifted specifically to preach the Word, watch over the church as a shepherd and provide leadership. We have had this kind of leadership from our Pastor, Mitch Klein, for 27 years. We thank God for him and appreciate all he has done during this long tenure as pastor.

Last fall Pastor Mitch came to the elder board to tell us that he felt his time of ministry at Cedarhome was nearing an end. He told us he intends to seek the Lord’s will on where God is calling him to serve next. This coming Sunday, January 20th, Pastor Mitch will be sharing more about this from the pulpit.

Usually when a pastor concludes his ministry the task of filling that vacant position can mean an extended period for apastoral search. Pastor Mitch and the leadership of Cedarhome believe God has provided for us, in Dan Hallock, the right man for the position of Sr. Pastor. Therefore we bring this proposal to the church:
“The leadership of Cedarhome Baptist Church recommends that we enter a period of time, expected to last between6 and 12 months, where the position of Sr. Pastor transitions from Mitch Klein to Dan Hallock. During this period Mitch will continue his duties as Sr. Pastor and over time will be turning over his main responsibilities to Dan. This will result in Dan Hallock being the Sr. Pastor of the church.”

We have not had Sr. Pastor transition for 27 years! This plan is consistent with Mitch’s love for Cedarhome Baptist Church and his desire to see the church continue to grow and thrive. Furthermore, we have each had the opportunity to watch Pastor Dan in action over the past 5 plus years of his ministry to youth. He’s also had the opportunity to expound the Scriptures from the pulpit multiple times. He has demonstrated to us all his love of Jesus Christ and his desire and ability to preach and teach the Word. The deacons and elders of CBC feel confident that he is ready to take on this new role and he has done all that could be asked of him to prepare for this next step in his ministry.

So here is the plan we propose:
First: A season of prayer as each member of the church seeks to understand the mind of the Lord and the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Second: two different dates where Dan Hallock and the elders will be available to answer questions you may have. Our goal is for all to have an opportunity to participate in this decision.

Third: a formal vote on the proposal by the church body. While this would be best accomplished at the annual meeting of the church at the end of February we are not wishing to have any time constraint dictate when we must take action. However, that being said, we would like to vote on this in the spring at the latest.

We are confident that the Lord will lead us through this time of transition and change. Your prayers and thoughtful interaction are most earnestly desired during this time.

May God richly bless His church during these next few months!
Dan Olson, Elder Board Chairman and Mitch Klein, Sr. Pastor.

29000 68th Ave NW  Stanwood, WA 98292  360-629-9771


January 11, 2013

Cedarhome Teens and Families, I love Cedarhome Baptist Church. I love the Cedarhome youth ministry. In 2007, I accepted the call to serve as the youth pastor here, hoping to be here for four years. Right now, I’m well into my sixth year of ministry! Thank you for your prayers, encouragement and support, making it a blessing for me to serve this church body!

For Cindy and me, the past six months have been a time of intensely seeking God’s direction for our lives. We’re so thankful to be in God’s family, and frankly, we’re just excited to be on God’s team! What a blessing to serve Jesus Christ in any capacity!

Several months ago, Pastor Mitch and the elders asked us to pray about whether God might be calling me to serve at Cedarhome as the Senior Pastor, following Pastor Mitch’s retirement from Cedarhome. Since that time, I’ve spent many hours dialoguing with the elders about this possibility, asking and answering lots of questions. We’ve all really sought God’s face on this matter, and we unanimously feel that God wants us to pursue this and to see if the church feels the same way.

One question I’ve asked myself is, “Why would I stop ministering to teenagers at Cedarhome when God is doing so many great things in the teens, families, and adult leaders?” My answer: In no way do I plan to stop ministering to teens and their families! On the contrary, it excites me to think about how I could minister to teens and their families in a more comprehensive way as their senior pastor!

So, what does this mean for the future of the Cedarhome youth ministry? First, there will be no changes at all in the immediate future. At this point, I plan to lead the youth ministry as I always have, through 2013. Second, I plan to maintain and pursue friendships and discipleship relationships with teens and their families, regardless of my position at Cedarhome. Third, we have a committed team of gifted adult leaders that plans to continue to minister to our teenagers as they have for many years. Fourth, I am already discussing with the youth staff and church leadership various ways that the youth ministry could be sustained and enhanced, if this transition happens. Fifth, regardless of my position at Cedarhome, I plan to always be involved with the youth group in some capacity—I will not be a stranger!

I look forward to pursuing God’s will for our church in the coming months with you. Let’s all be praying for discernment, wisdom, and unity during this time!

In Christ,

Dan Hallock

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