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Jesus is our peace

Feeling all alone, in the middle of a crowd
No one else can see the pain that’s brewing deep inside of your soul
There’s a smile upon your face, but there are daggers in your heart
Nothing seems to fill the hole, the emptiness you feel and so
You’ve almost given up the hope that it can be alright

Jesus is our peace, what all the world hopes to find
He holds the key to your troubled heart and mind
He’s the only way you’ll find true peace

Dizzy from the pain, pretending it’s not there
Expectations shattered, and your life is spinning out of control
Will there be a day, when you’ll do more than survive
There’s a God who hears your prayers
Close your eyes, reach out, you’ll find Him there
He sent his Son to you to prove He cares, please don’t say no!

What are you looking for? Why are you rushing ‘round
Is there something missing from your life?
You’re hiding from your fears, blinded by your tears
Sinking in the quicksand, but He’s throwing you a line!

Words & Music by Jason Chollar © 1999
Use however you like for the glory of God!

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