Get Involved

Cedarhome is not a building, it’s a family and a team! Once you’ve had a chance to visit us, we’d love to invite you to be a part of our community. We believe firmly in the principle that every member is a minister!  From homegroups to missions trips, from leadership teams to nursery, there are all sorts of ways to truly immerse yourself in the Cedarhome family.

Once you decide Cedarhome is where God has called you to be, in addition to attending Sunday morning services, we’d love to see you get involved in a small group of some sort and some kind of ministry team.  Take a look at the dropdown list or the list to the right and see if any pique your interest and pray about how God might want YOU to be involved.

We believe that you will actually be energized when you find our divine “want-to”, your spiritual gift, your calling and start serving to full capacity.  It is how God has wired you!  What is your function in the body of Christ?  We would love to help you find out!

If your still having trouble finding just the right place to serve, or want to consider starting a new ministry, please contact the church office!

We weren’t Saved just to Sit and Soak and Sour!  So get on out there and Love and Serve!

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