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We are working on the buildout!  To sign up to get prayer requests, or to find out how you can give or volunteer with the project, contact the church office!

After many years of planning and construction, we are thrilled to host Sunday morning worship services in our new worship center!  We would love for you to worship the Lord with us on Sunday mornings at 10AM!  Our new nursery is available for children up to three years old, and after worship songs, The Gospel […] Read more

sunrise_on_construction_41From humble homes of a few Swedish immigrants in the late 1800s to the new 20,000+ square foot facility alongside the older buildings, here is a short overview of the journey. If you’d like to join us in prayer, giving or helping out, contact the church office! Read more

Cedarhome Building DedicationWe are one third of the way through our building capital campaign and we have collected 58% of the pledged money! Thank you for supporting our vision to “Tear Down This Wall”! Read more

contrastCapital Campaign Dessert “TEAR DOWN THIS WALL” Saturday, April 21st, 7pm We will share what has been accomplishe d, what still needs to be done, what you can do to help to complete the building. Please let us know if you are coming and if you need childcare provided.  If you haven’t already RSVP’d, you can […] Read more

Tear Down This WallMark your calendars for our Capital Campaign Dessert “TEAR DOWN THIS WALL” Saturday, April 21th, 7pm. We will share what has been accomplished, what still needs to be done, and what you can do to help to complete the building. Childcare provided. Read more

Come and join other members and attenders of Cedarhome for a special time of prayer and worship at our ‘Encountering God’ Prayer Summit on Wednesday, October 20th at 6:30 pm. This will be a unique time of seeking God for our future here at Cedarhome. Childcare provided. Read more

We had our dedication service in February of 2010 on our 120th Anniversary as a church family!  There are lots of pictures on flickr of the process.  The next phase will be knocking down the temporary wall and finishing building out the rest of the shell.  Pray for the Lord’s perfect timing and the resources […] Read more

Thanks to all who have helped us in the last few weeks with site work on the parking lot, paving, laying the sod, and so much more.  You can be praying for the next steps: finishing the curbing, striping the parking lot, signs and various other minor details… we are getting closer to time for […] Read more

We had a crew from the church preparing all week long and today we have a paving crew doing their work as we speak! Thanks to all who helped this week! Praise God for the perfect timing of the weather so far. Pray that it holds just as long as they need to finish. Also […] Read more

Samson – A Strong Man With Great Weakness/ Part 5: Judges 16:23-31 “The Greatest Comeback In The Bible!” May 3rd bulletin is here —> Samson – A Strong Man With Great Weakness/Part 5 If you would like to be added to our church bulletin email list, contact and let her know! Read more

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