Cedarhome’s Worship Team is a collection of servant-artists and servant-technicians who try to help our church family truly engage with our God when we meet together.  We want to use all of our senses, our full bodies, our full minds, as well as our whole hearts to worship and love our God, in Spirit and Truth.

If you are interested in joining the team, we would love to talk to you!  Contact the church office.  We can use everything from certified visual artists to people who are willing to move chairs!  No task is too small, no sacrifice is too much for our glorious King Jesus!

Some of the types of servant opportunities that we have are:

  • Sound Technicians
  • Visual Artists
  • Computer Techs
  • Camera Techs
  • Setup Team
  • Teardown Team
  • Singers
  • Instrumentalists (drums, bass, guitars, keys/piano, …)
  • CD mixing and mastering
  • CD Duplication

Hope to hear from you soon!

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